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Library home

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Dr. C.M. Cash Library


  Eva Villagran, Librarian

 Library Hours


Monday,  Tuesday, Wednesday

    7:30 - 4:00


Thursday & Friday

7:30 - 3:00




AR theme:  Reading Is Out of This World! 



New    AR Link





 Lesson Request.doc





Accelerated Reader Links



Click the following link to check if a book has an AR quiz.


AR BookFinder



Renaissance Home Connect
allows parents and students to log in to a Web site and view the student’s
reading practice and progress.




Book Guides, Book Readings, Author Programs, Author Websites, and much more.


Book Trailers - Movies for Literacy





1st RIF Distribution

Nov. 14 - 18


2nd RIF Distribution

Jan. 23 - 27


3rd RIF Distribution

Mar. 5 - 9


Children's Book Week

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.






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