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5th Grade Team home

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Eidario Garza

Ada Villarreal


Anita S. Walters


Cesar Martinez



Grade Mission:


  • We are committed to deliver above quality education in the form of instruction, guidance, and support for all our students in Fifth Grade.  We believe that through the increase of student  attendance, achievement, and parental involvement our students will become successful life-long learners. 




Our 5th  graders have to meet the minimum requirements in the TAKS tests for promotion to the Sixth Grade.


Percentage passing the 2008-2009 TAKS tests were:


         Reading     90%            Math     89%            Science     88%


In 2009-2010, our goal for students passing all 3 TAKS tests are:

           Reading     98%            Math    90%            Science    90%




We ask the parents to help us reach our  goal  by having the students / their children:


  • Come rested and ready to work           
  • Come prepared with supplies and homework
  • Participate in class                
  • Behave in class
  • Show respect                    
  • Be courteous to each other


By working together we believe that all Fifth Graders will learn and be successful.










Daily Classroom Schedules

5th Grade Schedule.doc


Mr. Garza Schedule.doc


09-10 Science Lab.doc



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aprillopez said

at 11:21 am on Dec 18, 2009

cool website MRS.VILLARREAL

maribelb said

at 5:55 pm on Jan 27, 2012

the fifth grade isnt as hard as i thought

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