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Sitemap - Table of Contents

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Dr. Cash frontpage

  • Contains information about the school such as a calendar of upcoming events, news, announcements, etc.

Teachers home

School News home

  • In-depth school news homepage with slideshows, powerpoints, etc. It will also have links to news for the six weeks period and a newsletter section/link.

    • Newsletter

    • Slideshow/Powerpoint


Office home

  • Office communication to parents is crucial. This space provides that communication.

    • Linda Arellano

    • Belinda Conde


Counseling home

  • Information about counseling and other programs such as Project Wisdom.

    • Araceli Vasquez

Health Care home

  • Important news concerning prevention and intervention.

    • Rosa Fonseca


Cafeteria home

  • The monthly menu can be found here as well as the nutrition newsletter.

    • Menu

    • Nutrition Newsletter

    • Staff

      • Dora Guzman (Manager)

      • Melissa Juarez

      • Laura Zuñiga

      • Maira Ortiz

      • Terry Gonzales


Extracurricular Programs home

  • These programs enrich the curriculum and are available for students with good grades.

Library home

  • Library information

    • Eva Villagran

    • Elizabeth Aguilar

Reading First home

  • Information about reading first program.

    • Dilia Cornett

Resources home

  • Resources available for faculty and staff ranging from tutorials for working with the wiki to etools to integrate into the curriculum.




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