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TELPAS Training EQ




Page Version Notes


2.0 This page has an outline of all the resources for the workshop training.
eTools for PBWorks 1.0 This page has a list of awesome etools that teachers can use in the classroom.
HTML Generator 1.0 This can help you generate html code for several tasks. (Advanced)
iframe embed example 1.0 This is an example of a page with an embedded iframe. You can look at the source to see the code. (Replace the URL with your own.)
Google Docs: Forms 1.0 This covers how to create a form to acquire information and embed into blogs or wikis.
Online TAKS Assessment 1.0 TEA website with all the online TAKS tests.
Online TAKS Study Guide 1.0 TEA website with all the online TAKS study guides.
Yodio example 1.0  






Page with a video tutorial
Time Notes

Requesting Access


0:52 This explains how to request access to the drcash wiki since it can only be edited by registered users.

Creating an account after approval


1:26 Short tutorial on how to create an account after being approved by the administrator in PBWorks.

Approving or Denying Users


0:57 This is for wiki administrators only.

Creating the wiki



34 slides Slideshow that takes you from scratch up to a full fledged wiki.






Example pages
Version Notes Source
Example Mr. Tellese's 5th grade wiki 1.0 This comes from Mr Nicolas Tellese's (5th grade) wiki. His approach is through simplicity making it very clear to understand.

     FrontPage (Oct 2009). In http://mrtelles.pbworks.com/

Retrieved Novemeber 4, 2009.

Example Ms. Gallegos 3rd grade wiki 1.0 This example comes from Ms. Denise Gallegos (3rd grade bilingual) wiki. Her use of images creates a pleasant experience for viewers. She also has an extensive list of resources under the individual subjects. FrontPage (Nov 2009). In http://gallegos2010.pbworks.com/

Retrieved Novemeber 23, 2009.






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